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The US cannabis market is the untapped Golaith that shows double digit growth every four years between now and 2018, as reported by Barclays on May 1, 2019. The medicinal and health benefits are astounding between CBD and help oil along with THC active products.  








The Company

Located in the heart of Los Angeles, Purelife Connect is founded by a team of entrepreneurs with the resources, experience and passion to build a global enterprise starting in the USA and then expanding to targeted markets around the world, while creating many millionaires in the process.

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The Key To Success is Timing

It is said timing means to business what location means to real estate - everything. It is not often that one is able to identify the precise timing in a growth industry along with a growth company. 

This combination provides the opportunity for entrepreneurs who are coachable and ready to focus on building a base of business over a two to four year period that will pay them for 20+ years.

What is unique about Purelife Connect is a combination of two things; #1) it has built a plan based on product sales that pays top performers over $1,000,000 per month each and every month, and #2) it is building its foundation in the USA and then expanding globally to target markets, of which its seamless global pay plan will provide continuous volume of business and rewards to those who are first.


Help Desk

With Purelife Connect you are in business for yourself but not by yourself. The Company has invested in technology and support resources to provide the training and help so you can focus on promoting the products and business opportunity instead of the order processing, shipping, billing and other traditional requirements that cost money instead of making money. Either chat online or email anytime to get the support you need.



Timing Analysis

As previously stated, timing is very important to success with any business venture. Every company goes through four phases of growth of which the first two (foundation and concentration) are the most important to position for the momentum phase. It is not possible to estimate the time of each phase, but what is statistically proven is that when annual sales reach around $50,000,000 the company will move into momentum which is when significant money is earned by the participants who have positioned themselves during the formulation and concentration phases.


Frequently Asked Questions

The Founder's fee is $299 that includes many benefits along qualifying to earn $50 on every Founder invited.
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The soft launch is scheduled for the first part of September 2021 and will include shipping of Founder's products, release of the full Purelife platform for order processing and tracking, plus the weekly pay periods for Direct Bonus and Team Bonus rewards

Beginning at the soft launch, rewards are paid each week on all product orders through a combination of six paygates to qualified Affiliates. More detailed information can be found in the pay plan pitch deck.
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Purelife Connect Labs is currently developing and testing its first phase of products. Management's objective is to create a combination of high quality health based plant products offering topical, edible and smokable products with CBD and hemp oil properties, in addition to THC active as regulatory allows in certain markets.

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Order the Founder's sample kit for the introductory price of $299 and receive one each of all the Purelife Connect products to determine which are best suited for you.