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The Founder's fee is $299 that includes many benefits along qualifying to earn $50 on every Founder invited.
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The soft launch is scheduled for the first part of September 2021 and will include shipping of Founder's products, release of the full Purelife platform for order processing and tracking, plus the weekly pay periods for Direct Bonus and Team Bonus rewards

Beginning at the soft launch, rewards are paid each week on all product orders through a combination of six paygates to qualified Affiliates. More detailed information can be found in the pay plan pitch deck.
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Purelife Connect Labs is currently developing and testing its first phase of products. Management's objective is to create a combination of high quality health based plant products offering topical, edible and smokable products with CBD and hemp oil properties, in addition to THC active as regulatory allows in certain markets.

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Order the Founder’s sample kit for the introductory price of $299 and receive one each of all the Purelife Connect products to determine which are best suited for you.